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Tameside Professional Carpet Cleaning Services – Cleaning Service for Carpets, in and around Tameside area.

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A Little about me...

Hi, and welcome to Tameside Professional Carpet Cleaning Services your local Stalybridge based expert carpet cleaners operating throughout the borough of Tameside, and surrounding areas such as Stalybridge, Ashton-U-Lyne, Denton, Mossley, Hyde, Droylsden and Audenshaw.  If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service and have searched for carpet cleaner TAMESIDE then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is John Sweet, and I started carpet cleaning with the intention of adding to my services already offered by my successful Tameside Handyman business which I started way back in 2015.  

Not only have I invested in the latest world class beating machine I have undertaken training utilising different carpet cleaning methods.

In addition to this I have undertaken further training and offer additional fabric sofa cleaning to the mix.


Tameside Carpet Cleaning

No one can run a business on 50% off "deals" or rooms cleaned for £15 etc!

My customers get a full cleaning service – deep clean, deodorisation, stain removing and all for a sensible cost. 

These cut-price carpet cleaning firms are usually out of town franchises, pretending to be from “your area” – the price is the bait to get into the customers home, the tactic is to raise the price upon arrival.  

Alternatively it maybe that it is a Facebook chancer. Who knows what machines they are using or what products. And who knows what insurance they have should the worse happen. 

Affordable & Sensible Prices !

Now, you may look at my pricing and think "I can get it cheaper than that" Well yes you can. But cheap more often means just that "cheap" Cheap equipment - not up to the job. Cheap cleaning solutions - again not up to the job. Or worse yet harmful to your carpet. Then ask yourself do they have the training required to do the job to a safe and high standard!? Do they have public liability insurance should the worse happen.? Are they even a legitimate business if so they will have minimum costs such as fuel, insurances, repairs and upkeep, tax bills and so on and so-forth.

DIY vs Professional







Don't be fooled by a quick, cheap "clean" !

So you will no doubt have seen machines like those above on the high street and on shopping channels. These can be hired or bought from tens of pounds to several hundreds. To be fair they are great for cleaning up the odd spill or spot cleaning perhaps. But if you are looking for a deep down hygienic clean , one that also leave your carpet at a safe Ph level for you and your carpet, you need the right equipment, chemicals and training to use them.! Such equipment does not come cheap! In fact 1000s rather than 100s.


tameside carpet cleaning
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British Carpet, Upholstery and floor cleaning chemicals

Its not often we can say this but these chemicals are designed and made here in the UK. But more than that these are designed from scratch to be fit for purpose. That purpose is to clean carpets to the highest standard.

njord cleaning products
njord cleaning products

Want more than just another Facebook carpet cleaner?

Since 2015 I have provided a range of services to my loyal and ever growing customer base. Since setting up Tameside Handyman I have worked in homes and businesses around the area giving a 5 star service – Their words not mine 🙂

Some skills were self taught, some gained from working at varied employed posts throughout my career. Some however I have obtained professional training in. Carpet cleaning being one of them.


Payments Accepted -
Cash, Card or BACS


No Gimmicks - No Offers

Now as those of you who have used my Handyman services and my website I try to keep things as relatively simple and straightforward as possible.  Tameside Carpet cleaning aim to supply a superior, deep carpet and sofa cleaning service at a great price.

No pricing gimmicks such as 50% off, rooms £15 etc, I provide a quality clean at a sensible cost.  


Didn’t find your answer?

If you have any questions about my cleaning services, just send me a message. 
It maybe that your question gets added to my FAQs for others to benefit from.

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Thanks for using Tameside Carpet Cleaning!

All cleaning works are to be paid for once the job is complete, commercial customers may pay via invoice. Deferred payment may be possible as agreed by both parties with a maximum of 14 days from receipt!

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