Before we arrive:


How do I book?
All bookings are made online via my self-service booking system 

PARKING – THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ONE !!! – Parking can sometimes be a challenge for you and I.
It is vital to be able to park close, or reasonably close to your premises!
I have big, heavy equipment and I also need to consider the security of my van.
Also take into consideration such things as rush hour, school run, restricted parking times.
Similarly do not ask me to get down narrow, dangerous or inaccessible roads. Just because your car can does not mean my van can.

Vacuuming – Ideally if you could vacuum before I arrive to get rid of the bigger debris. I will then also need to vacuum the carpet, sofa or floor tiles to be sure of a thorough dry debris clean.
But note: Whilst I am there to vac and clean your carpet there are some things that are just not acceptable. This is an example of what is NOT acceptable – click here

Do I move furniture?
I will move “some” but not all.
If you want areas cleaned that currently have furniture covering it then you need to make that area clear before I arrive.
I will move such things as sofas (subject to size) and chairs but please do not ask me to move such things as vases, table lamps, TVs and such like.

Please remove any breakables, including any breakable inside furniture that we will need to move.
(we can clean around display cabinets etc. if you would prefer not to empty these)

 Remove any small items of furniture

 Please ensure hot water is available


While we’re there:

Pet & Children – If there are any pets or children in the house, please be aware that the front door will be ajar as hoses are connected to my machine outside. Please ensure any children are supervised 

Please be careful not to slip if stepping from wet carpet to hard flooring

Beware trip hazards from hoses and power cables

We can supply overshoes in case you need to walk on a wet carpet

After we’ve gone:

Take care when walking from damp carpet to hard flooring—the moisture can make the hard floors
very slippy!

Do not remove the protectors we leave underneath furniture until 48 hours after cleaning and the
carpet is completely dry

Do not place items back onto the carpet until dry

Do not walk on the carpet in outdoor shoes, or soil will transfer onto the carpet—we will leave you
some overshoes if you cannot avoid walking on the carpet while damp

Do not wear coloured socks or slippers on the wet carpet – dye may transfer onto the carpet

You can speed up drying by making sure the rooms are warm and well ventilated (open a window,
weather/security permitting)

Any issues, please let us know and we will be happy to help!
We hope you enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet/furniture!
Thank you for your custom

IF you have read the above and you agree to these conditions NOW you may book 🙂